A highly scientific study (ahem) by website School Stickers has revealed this year’s top 10 naughtiest boy and girl names, as well as the top 10 ‘well-behaved’ kids’ names on Santa’s list.

School Stickers looked at records of over 52, 000 students who received over 600, 000 rewards last year to come up with the tongue-in-cheek list.

Analysis on the data revealed which names were awarded the most stickers – the nicest – and which were awarded the least – the naughtiest!

The study found that boys named Ryan, Lewis and Alfie are most likely to receive rewards, whereas boys called Noah, Freddie and Leo, received the least.

And as for the girls, Freya, Isabella and Caitlin came out on top for most well-behaved, while Faye, Lilly and Milly are apparently the troublemakers!

See the full top 10 naughty and nice lists for girls and boys, here:

Top 10 naughtiest girls’ names

1. Faye

2. Lilly

3. Milly

4. Annabel

5. Maddie

6. Jennifer

7. Rose

8. Mollie

9. Lara

10. Mariam

Top 10 nicest girls’ names

1. Freya

2. Isabella

3. Caitlin

4. Georgia

5. Leah

6. Alice

7. Sophia

8. Evie

9. Bethany

10. Isabelle

Top 10 naughtiest boys’ names

1. Noah

2. Riley

3. Robert

4. Freddie

5. Leo

6. Oscar

7. Morgan

8. Taylor

9. Logan

10. Jay

Top 10 nicest boys’ names

1. Ryan

2. Lewis

3. Jacob

4. Aldie

5. Jamie

6. Jake

7. Michael

8. Adam

9. Harvey

10. Owen

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