This week at Blue Monkey we’re looking at places of local interest. One of the best is the Eden Project. This is a blog post from one of the gardeners there:

Hi, I’m Annabelle, one of the Skilled Horticulturalists in the Outdoor Biome. There are three teams that look after the outside landscape. My team, under the supervision of Darren, mainly tend the area from the Visitor Centre down to The Core and across to The Stage, with a few other bits thrown in!
Eden is an amazing place to work. The people are great, the scenery stunning and there is just so much going on. The range of plants is vast and there is an endless amount to learn.
As a gardener it is quite a challenge working here. What has been created out of a disused pit with no soil, steep slopes and below the water table is remarkable. I feel very proud to be a part of it and privileged to have a hand in it!

Eden Project